Mission San Juan Capistrano

Got to try something a little new recently: a walk around Mission San Juan, which is always nice, and a photo shoot for little¬†Isabel’s First Holy Communion. Unfortunately it was a busy Saturday so it took a bit of photoshopping to remove some background tourists, but the isolation with her in the white dress and the huge old archway was just too perfect to have random people in the final shot. Although I have been to the mission many times it was the first time I had actually gone into the chapel, and I’m so thankful I did! Could have shot in there for hours! It had some really amazing architecture and lighting. Looking forward to revisiting the mission for some personal shooting. Maybe on a weekday ūüėČ


Ebersole maternity

Couldn’t have asked for a better setting to take maternity photos. A beautiful nursery set up for little Lizzy and then a tree covered park right next door. And we even ran into a horse as he left the stable for a walk on the local trail.

My number 2 is turning 1!

My how time flies. Had a little lumberjack smash cake shoot with my boys for Josh’s first birthday that’s coming up. Big brother had to get in on some of the cake but not before making sure his nose was clean. ūüėČ All the decorations were done by¬†my amazing wife.

Eldridge family

I absolutely love and feel so honored to be a part of these Eldridge family memories¬†through the years: from maternity shoots to family sessions with the now two¬†year old¬†Sofia (who is more adorable than ever!). First we took some¬†shots at the Hyatt Regency in Huntington beach, which is where they had their wedding photos done. And it happened to be their anniversary the day before. Then¬†a few days later we took a drive¬†down to Laguna Beach and had a great time walking¬†Heisler Park and down to the water to get our feet wet. It’s days like this that make it so hard for me to put my camera away and head home. Really looking forward to what the future holds for me, and where this adventure in photography will lead me in years to come!