Jason and Ariana Part 2

Just in time! We planned on doing this maternity session a couple weeks earlier but life happens and had to reschedule. And it’s a good thing we got it in, little baby Burris decided she was ready for her closeup just one week after the maternity shoot.¬†It was a great day¬†at the Orange circle whichContinue reading “Jason and Ariana Part 2”

Camarillo wedding

I love doing photos¬†for Family. Especially when I get to bring my whole family and watch my oldest boy dance his little heart out! (note: the flask was closed in the photo below ) And then mom has to take photos with a sleeping five month old strapped to her chest. A great day forContinue reading “Camarillo wedding”

Eldridge family

I absolutely love and feel so honored to be a part of these Eldridge family memories¬†through the years: from maternity shoots to family sessions with the now two¬†year old¬†Sofia (who is more adorable than ever!). First we took some¬†shots at the Hyatt Regency in Huntington beach, which is where they had their wedding photos done.Continue reading “Eldridge family”