Palm Springs to LA: The Two Part Engagement Session

Not only did I get to shoot a close friend’s engagement session, I also got to do it at two very cool locations. And even got a semi date night with my lovely assistant/wife (In-n Out, in the hatch back, in the parking lot).

Part 1: Palm Springs Windmills.

After some serious Instagram research and “driving” up and down roads in Google Earth street view, I knew where I wanted to shoot in Palm Springs in theory, but still wasn’t quite sure EXACTLY where it was. I mean those windmills cover a gigantic area. That one spot could be anywhere! But once I saw it in a couple photos online, I knew that’s where we needed to go. The sand had to be the right sand! There are tons of photos at the windmills in Palm Springs but only a few are in this area that’s not just rocks and bushes, aka Typical Southern California desert. No, no, no, I needed the flowy soft sand with the little fence! But where the hell is it!? Well we drove out early with the plan to do some recon. Alex was looking at the map and she had an idea. It was opposite of where I was told to go from various websites but that didn’t pan out in street view earlier so what the hell. We exit the freeway and after a few turns off in the distance I spot it! The little fence and the flowy sand! And it was perfect! (Don’t ask where, I’ll never tell)

Part 2: Nights of Neon

They say it’s not what you know but who you know. So true in this situation. I never would have been able to shoot at such an awesome location if the man of the hour didn’t have a very talented aunt with a very cool neon studio in LA: Nights of Neon (as seen on Huell Howser’s California’s Gold). I can attest it really is California’s Gold. When I was told we could shoot in his aunt’s neon shop, I expected a small corner shop in the city with a bunch or “open” signs and zero room to have much of an engagement shoot. I was so wrong. This place was amazing! Multiple warehouses with tons of space and just oozing style and options. The only bad part was the complete lack of sleep I got the night prior to the shoot. Thank you Jon, my one-year old who wakes up all night begging mom for “boobie,” Dad still loves you. So needless to say it was a low energy shoot and my creative juices were frustratingly left somewhere on my pillow at home. Thankful for understanding friends. I could have spent an entire day shooting here. AMAZING.

Oak Canyon Engagement Shoot

Sometimes you have all the time in the world to shoot and sometimes there’s a full wedding going on and you have to park a mile away and race against the dying light.  This photo shoot was the latter.

With the sun quickly setting on the valley, we had to keep running up the hill to catch the last bits of light.  Thankfully, it worked out! Glad I had a great couple that would let me put them in uncomfortable spots and risk getting poison oak (or who knows what else!) while trudging through the weeds…in sandals.  Can’t wait to shoot the wedding!