Custom themed portraits available!

For the past few years I have been making these themed portraits for my kids’ birthday invites and it has been really fun to set up backdrops and lights and figure out how to make the photo look as cool as possible. With my wife nudging me and the response I have gotten I think I should probably open this concept up to others and see if anyone else would be interested in having them done as well. Here are the photos I’ve done and some of the original set photos to see what we start with.

This was the first time I did something like this for Josh’s third birthday. (music themed) Thankfully he was totally game for posing!
Spider Man! He was so obsessed with this costume he totally wore it out. Really glad we got to use it for this shot and I even printed it out as a poster and its still hanging in his room!
The set up shot. Pulled my closet door off and laid it in the front yard. Probably should have cleaned the mirror first but oh well!

The Jedi! He had a broken arm in a cast for this one hence the awkward saber hold. With an Obi-wan costume and moms sweater draped over his head I really love how this one turned out.
Older brother finally got his chance! With Covid and his choice to go to Lego Land instead of a party he missed out on photo edits for a few years. This one was tricky with his desire to be a very specific character from Star Wars. A character that has only been seen in cartoons and is usually wearing a helmet how was I gonna pull this off!? Well I figured the best I could do was photoshop his head onto an existing photo. Thankfully I found this perfect image that’s actually a 3D render of the character. Contacted the creator and he was kind enough to let me use the photo! Once again used a mom sweater for the neck and it worked perfectly!

Looking forward to the future years of making these and hopefully I can get to do some for people other than my own kids!

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